The Brand





Key words?

Craftsmanship, limited pieces, hand made, symbology.

Its november 2013.

Carolina, grown through art, nature, design and graduated in law, decides to introduce her collection to the world, who's name was Carolina Ravarini.

An inclusive design for a collection that centers itself on the mix of the animal and the plant world, symbolizing positivity.

An invitation to be, live and dream.

These are the three essential points from which Carolina starts all her designs, willing to emphasize your true nature. 

Being methereopathic, she decides right away that every creation needs to be a Ray of Life, of positivity, involving many people that believe in her project.





"Ray of Life is a lifestyle; to be surrounded by good people, by cheerful colors and by symbols that recall happy memories residing in little drawers closed in our minds. I think living with a smile on our faces brings positivity in the everyday life. Ray of Life is yellow, the sun and light."  





"Everything is Every creation is manufactured ethically, respecting everything and everyone in the production chain."

(.01) CREATION: the creative process starts in Carolina's studio in Milan, were she works on every creation with the upmost attention, starting from the first sketch, passing to the selection of materials and the development of every jewel's sample. 

The pieces created with the "rosary" technique are manufactured in Milan, with the usage of copper wires and pliers. The ones that are created from lost wax follow a completely different path.

(.02) MODELING:  the manufacturing of our jewels happens in Italy with a meticulous craftsmanship, in which the jewel is born from the goldsmith's expert hands, that guarantee the high quality. Starting from the final sketch, handmade for every creation, the goldsmith manually creates the wax that is brought to the melter, that then returns the melted piece.

(.03) THE TREE: from the first prototype a rubber is made, that will then be used for the future waxes. Once the waxes are done, these are brought to the melter and attached to a little tree( various pieces of ramified wax tied together to a central pillar). From the fusion will remain a little tree with its branches full of jewels(Silver/Gold).

(.04) CUT: the little tree goes back to the goldsmith that cuts the jewels one by one, cleans them and realizes the first polish of every piece by hand.

(.05) CLEANING AND PLATING: with all the pieces finished but in raw material, the cleaning process begins with the polishing machine.  

If the model needs it, the model will be brought to the gilder, that will submerge the jewel in a gold bath!

(.06) EMBEDDING: in the final fase, if the model needs a stone, it will be embedded by hand with the help of high precision instruments.

(.07) QUALITY CONTROL: after being done with all the production steps, Carolina is the one that has to make another visual and tactile check on every piece. Every jewel in inserted in a sachet and sent to our warehouse were i is then ready to be sent.


Carolina Ravarini's boxes enclose a world to bring sunshine to yourself. 

Everyone is created in Italy, it arrives with a warranty and postcard, that you can send everywhere around the world with a joyful message!

Carolina, with the goldsmith collection, decided to present a polishing cloth, to keep the jewels shining.

The bag that contains your orders is made out of recycled paper and it is recyclable.